Iced Matcha Latte

Ice cream lovers rejoice, for now there is a delicious iced dessert that boasts a nutritional profile better than half the shelf in the health food section of your local supermarket. Fro Pro – The… Continue reading

Honey Miso Meatballs with Soba Noodles

I’m forever looking for quick and easy ideas for lunch. I get food fatigue way too easily. That is, if I have the same thing too many days in a row, I just go… Continue reading

Quinoa Chicken Schnitzel

I absolutely adore schnitzel. Not sure if it is an Australian thing, or just the combination of crumb and meat…but for me it is just so satisfying. Just like a good steak. Or… Continue reading

Brisbane Eats: Plum Tucker Cafe

The cooler weather brings with it a variety of different produce; the stomachs of regular cafe goers are now grumbling for warmer, heartier meals that have the ability to heat from the inside out. Winter in… Continue reading

Pumpkin Soup

Winter is truly upon us, and all I want to eat is soup, stews and casseroles. Anything warm and hearty that can be served in a bowl is on the menu for me… Continue reading

Chicken Liver Pâté

While it may not grace the top of your shopping list right now, offal can be a great addition to your diet. Full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, often it is just the idea of consuming offal that puts… Continue reading

Vanilla Banana Smoothie Bowl

Skipping breakfast is never a good thing, but sometimes it can be impossible to fit in. Hectic mornings are a common occurrence in many households, and a lot of people just do not… Continue reading

Cinnamon Porridge with Honey Roasted Pears

With the cooler weather slowly rolling in, a bowl of porridge that warms you from the inside out is the best way to start your morning. Eating a wholesome breakfast has the ability… Continue reading

Two Ways with Cauliflower

A common question I get asked in the clinics is: “How do I make vegetables more exciting?” For most people, vegetables are the bland, boring side dish included in our meals to make… Continue reading

Spicy Prawn Pizza

I love cooking,  but on occasion it is something that I just do not want to do. After an incredibly long, or stressful day at work, finding the energy to whip up something… Continue reading