Hello! My name is Andrea and I’m a 24 year old dietitian, nutritionist, procrastinator,  daydreamer and tea drinker from Australia.

I have always been a food lover, am now putting that passion to good use; I recently graduated as a dietitian and nutritionist from the Queensland University of Technology. Many people believe that a love of food is a little bit of a burden, especially when you’re trying to focus on healthy eating; however, I disagree. Maintaining a nutritious balanced diet is not as difficult and as taste-free as you think.

I know there is a stereotype floating around that those passionate about nutrition only dine on crazy health foods or anything beyond the norm; organic, fat free, meat free, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, fun free: ingredients that you can usually only purchase from a health food store and cost you an arm or leg. While many of those health foods are often excellent sources of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, I completely understand how anyone would be hesitant to sacrifice taste or texture in foods they are familiar with, for meals that contain a concoction of superfood health ingredients. Plus, that shit expensive.

Eatnik is my outlet for my everyday eating stories and adventures and I endeavour to write about anything that inspires me. It is not a crime to indulge every so often, in fact I encourage it. Food is wonderful, and when eaten in proportion brings nothing but enjoyment to every aspect of life. Food is social, artistic and creative as much as it is sustenance; combine it with a healthy mind and lifestyle and you dramatically improve quality of life.

‘Eatnik’ is a play on the word beatnik. A beatnik was a person of the Beat Generation; a social movement in the 1950’s and early 1960’s which rejected conventional society and stressed artistic self expression.

…I thought it was witty.