Spiced Earl Grey Cookies

My parents used to brew a pot of earl grey tea every Saturday morning when I was younger. Drinking it regularly enough at home, when I moved out, I bought myself the 100… Continue reading

Raw Cherry Ripe Bites

I’m really getting into this raw treats bandwagon – they’re actually proving quite enjoyable to make. I’ve always been a lover of the cherry ripe flavour combination of chocolate, cherry and coconut. Recently… Continue reading

Roast Pork, Kimchi and Cheese Toastie

It is toastie season, soup season, soul food season. Bring on all of the heartwarming dishes that scream ‘it’s a bit chilly outside!’ and wrap yourself in a blanket while you indulge. I… Continue reading

Pandan Coconut Mug Cake

The simplest of desserts, the mug cake is a time-poor persons go to when craving a sweet treat of an evening (or any time of day really).ย With no shortage of mugs in my… Continue reading

Chilli Prawns

It took me a minute to sort out a title for this recipe because of the variety of tastes used to create this flavoursome broth. The thing I love about Asian food is… Continue reading

Matcha Mint Slice

Chocolate mint is one of my favourite flavour combinations. I have always been a fan of mint choc chip ice-cream, and my Dad always has a stash ofย mint slice biscuits hidden in the… Continue reading

Cauliflower Buffalo Bites

I’m forever looking for ways to increase my vegetable intake. Mostly by making them less boring. I cannot name anyone that craves steamed vegetables, or a plain salad. We are creatures who enjoy… Continue reading

Caramel Apple Hand Pies

It’s predicted to be a rainy week here in Brisbane – my favourite kind of weather. I feel so much more productive when it’s a little dreary outside. A combination of the sound… Continue reading

Walnut & Pumpkin Seed Tart

This recipe is kind of similar to a pecan pie, and to be honest, I did have intentions of making a pecan pie when I went to the grocery store. Then I saw… Continue reading

Raspberry and Coconut Baked Doughnuts with a Lemon Glaze

I’m very much into the raspberry-coconut combination so it seems. After buying a packet of frozen raspberries a couple of weeks ago for my Coconut Panna Cotta with Raspberry Gelรฉe, I decided to… Continue reading