Thai Style!

Thailand is excellent. We’ve been in Phuket for 5 days, about to fly to Bangkok. Charcoal grilled corn, Valentines day seafood feast (chilli and lime crab, spicy mussels, sweet and sour prawns), seafood… Continue reading

Beachside Bondi

Before university heads back in 2 weeks, my housemates and I decided a much needed holiday was necessary to finish off the 4 month long summer we had mostly spent working. Starting with… Continue reading

Coco loco

I bought coconut oil a few days ago after reading about its health and beauty benefits. I like the smell and taste of coconut, it reminds me of summer weather that’s hot but… Continue reading


My housemate is an avid sushi lover. Anything wrapped with seaweed or with a piece of blow-torched fish flung on top she’s tried, tasted and loves. Sushi Kotobuki is located on Lytton Road,… Continue reading

Gimmick-free health foods

I’m often skeptical about buying fancy, high priced health foods, for fear that it’s all just a gimmick to trick me into thinking that this organic, high protein, low carb, vegan, gluten free,… Continue reading