Useful Links

Want to know more information? Check out this list of useful links:

The Australian Dietary Guidelines

From the Eat For Health website, here you can view and download the complete Australian Dietary Guidelines, and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

The Infant Feeding Guidelines

The PDF version of the Infant Feeding Guidelines, developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council. For quick browsing, view a PDF copy of the summary of these guidelines here.

Nutrition Australia

Nutrition Australia is a source of information on key nutritional issues. It is responsible for producing and disseminating materials on nutrition to policy makers, the media, educators, food industry and consumers. NA also acts as a consultant body to government departments, food industry and consumer groups as required on issues related to food and nutrition. They strongly encourage innovation in the dissemination of nutritional knowledge in Australia. You can also check out the new Healthy Eating Pyramid here.

Nutrition Australia – Queensland

More specific to Queensland, NAQ provides links to early years nutrition, school-based nutrition, outside school hours care nutrition, aged care nutrition, workplace and employees nutrition, and parents and families nutrition. You can also a surplus of healthy recipes.