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Chilli Prawns

It took me a minute to sort out a title for this recipe because of the variety of tastes used to create this flavoursome broth. The thing I love about Asian food is… Continue reading

Honey Miso Meatballs with Soba Noodles

I’m forever looking for quick and easy ideas for lunch. I get food fatigue way too easily. That is, if I have the same thing too many days in a row, I just go… Continue reading

Quinoa Chicken Schnitzel

I absolutely adore schnitzel. Not sure if it is an Australian thing, or just the combination of crumb and meat…but for me it is just so satisfying. Just like a good steak. Or… Continue reading

Spicy Prawn Pizza

I love cooking,  but on occasion it is something that I just do not want to do. After an incredibly long, or stressful day at work, finding the energy to whip up something… Continue reading

Asian Style Steamed Eggplant

I often feel a great sense of panic watching my mother cook Asian dishes, as if I have very limited time to start embracing my heritage and learn how to cook the food of… Continue reading

Homemade Bread Rolls

Nothing really beats the smell of freshly baked bread, as cliché as that sounds. If you have time on your hands before a party or barbeque, making your own bread rolls can take a… Continue reading

Brisbane Eats: Mons Thai

It’s been ten years since Mons Ban Sabai Thai pitched it’s tent in Camp Hill, and now it’s a permanent palace of orgasmic ethnic food, tantalising taste buds 7 nights a week. Rebranded this… Continue reading

Beef Ravioli

Surprisingly, pasta is quite simple to make, and brings a great deal of satisfaction. With all the cooking shows currently on television, you can’t help but wonder how much better homemade pasta tastes… Continue reading

Asian-style Roast Chicken

Chicken is so tasty and versatile; and roast chicken is definitely the ultimate comfort food, especially on a cold day. You can add a variety of different marinades or rubs, throw it in… Continue reading

Creamy Sundried Tomato Soup

Spice up your otherwise boring kitchen experience by having sex up against the fridge.