Beating Those Lunchtime Blues

How often do you breeze through lunch, without eating a meal? It could be due to a lack of time, overbearing workload or you simply forgot to prepare anything the night before, and now you’re suffering the consequences of a grumbling stomach and drifting concentration.

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Statistics have shown that 3.8 million Australian workers do not take a lunch break, with one in two of these people reporting that they are just too busy to squeeze in some food [1]. Similarly, figures indicate that 44% of workers that do take their lunch in, don’t eat it [1]. When under the pump, we tend to eat as fast as possible, and often remain at the desk, eating and working [2].

So how do you combat this? Eating regular meals, especially breakfast, lunch and dinner is recommended for a healthy diet and can also assist in weight loss [3, 4]. Having lunch while you’re busy at work can improve your mental function, concentration and give you energy to get through the last part of your working day. Taking that well=earned break for lunch also gives you the opportunity to relax for a moment! It might not be possible to jump away for a half hour, but even eating al-desko (aka eating at your desk) is better than just skipping the meal altogether!

If you find that you don’t have time to prepare lunch for yourself, eating out can usually be the easiest, most convenient way to fill your stomach. With the large variety of takeaway options available these days, it can be hard to choose something regularly that is tasty, nutritious and friendly on your wallet.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try a new product available on the Australian market: Pitango Pots. The Pitango team are passionate about producing real food made from 100% natural, fresh ingredients, that not only taste delicious, but are great for your health as well. Recently, they launched a new range of meal pots after their immense success with their soup and risotto ranges.


Pitango pride themselves on providing us with meals that are created using natural ingredients sourced sustainably from local farmers, free of additives and preservatives, and taste heartening and homemade! Pitango Pots for One are inspired by some of our favourite exotic cuisines around the globe, and are designed for you to simple heat in a microwave, add a fork, and tuck in.

Currently, there are three flavours available:

  • Japanese Miso Chicken & Soba Noodles – soba noodles and free range chicken, served Japanese style in a miso and ginger sauce.
  • Spanish Chorizo & Chickpea – a rustic medley of free range smoky chorizo, chickpeas, rice and spinach in a chunky tomato and red wine sauce.
  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry with Rice – free range chicken and potato combined with a spicy Sri Lankan-style coconut curry with basmati rice.

Naturally, I had to try them all.

Firstly, I was impressed by the flavours. The description of each pot sounded absolutely delicious, and the fact that Pitango use fresh ingredients sourced sustainably is a big tick for me. You find these pots in the chiller section of your local supermarket, and you can see from the ingredients list that there is a lack of preservatives and additives, which means the product won’t sit on the shelf for years and years – another big tick.

From the initial de-lidding, heat, stir, heat and eat, it took approximately 5 minutes to enjoy  my first mouthful. Each pot was flavoursome and authentic-tasting. If I had to choose a favourite, it would definitely have to be the Spanish Chorizo and Chickpea. I accompanied my pot with a slice of crusty sourdough bread, and it felt like I had cooked the hearty meal myself with zero effort. Basically, the hard work is done for you! What I enjoy most about Pitango’s Meal Pots for One, is how dissimilar they are from many other quick, easy, heat-and-eat meals. Yes, the convenience is there, but you are not sacrificing your nutrition.

For more information (including all of their products, ingredient lists, and nutrition information), check out Pitango’s website here. Pitango Meal Pots for One can be purchased from your local Woolworths. RRP $5.00.

Have you tried Pitango Meal Pots for One, or any other tasty products from their range? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy eating!

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This post is sponsored by Pitango. All opinions are my own.