Meal preparation is a skill that most of believe is simple, but it can take some real time and effort before you begin your week. For this post, I thought I would list five great meal cheats that can easily be frozen and readily reheated for when you’re starving and lazy.

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Meal prep can mean different things to different people, so do what works best for you. It may be necessary to write a plan of attack, or outline exactly what you would like to eat for the week.

Smoothie Cubes
Who has time to chop ingredients and measure out liquids to prepare a fast morning smoothie? Instead, on the weekend, prepare a large quantity of your favourite smoothie, and poor the drink into a couple of trays of ice cube moulds. When they have frozen solid, pop out the cubes and store in a ziplock bag. In the morning, throw a few cubes into the blender, a splash of milk or water and blend.

Bircher Muesli
Keeping on track with healthy eating can often be a burden, especially when preparing, cooking and cleaning can take up so much time. Preparing this breakfast in advance will ensure that you are able to start your day with something healthy and delicious. The great thing about Bircher muesli is that it is pretty difficult to mess it up. You can throw in a variety of ingredients, as long as you have the ratio of wet and dry ingredients correct. Try this recipe.

Salad Jars
It’s easy to prepare a salad in advance, but lettuce leaves get soggy very quickly. The answer? Salad Jars. To make a balanced jar, you need to layer up your carbohydrate, protein, vegetables and dairy accordingly. Put your dressing at the bottom of the jar, and layer heavier vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin and beetroot first. Follow this with softer ingredients like pasta, tuna, tomatoes or olives, and save your leafy greens for the top.

Image: Betsy Life

The beauty of quiche, is that you can add what you like to the egg mixture. Simple flavour suggestions include; asparagus and bacon, roast tomato and feta or green pea, spinach and cheese. Pour your quiche mixture into muffin tins, that way, they can be frozen and reheated at the ready.

Grab’n’Go Snacks
It may seem simple, but organising snacks before you start your week means that you can grab a couple and head out the door as quickly as possible. Think, carrot and celery sticks, cubes of cheese and dried fruit, nuts, muesli bars or tins of tuna. Throw all of these ideas in a large box or container in the fridge and cupboard, and throw them into your lunch bag in the morning so you’ll be well fed all day.