Fancy H2O

Water is essential for life. It’s cheap, refreshing and (in the case of fluoridated tap water), great for developing strong bones and teeth.

The amount of water we need is dependant on a number of individual factors, including diet, climate and level of physical activity. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends that you choose water instead of other beverages that contain added sugars or alcohol. Consumption of added sugar can increase the risk of excessive weight gain, and the presence of acidity in some of these options can erode the enamel of the teeth. Additionally, soft drinks increase the risk of dental caries – the breakdown of teeth due to bacteria.

The problem is, those added bits make the fluid taste delicious right? Water can be a little boring after a while. So what are some easy, natural ways to add some flavour to your drink?

Citrus Water

Image: Pinterest

Citrus water is one of the classic ways to enhance the flavour of just a simple glass of H2O. Slice up lemons, limes and/or oranges, add a few sprigs of fresh herbs and stir through a icy cold glass of water. Delicious.

Fruit Infused Water – Style Me Pretty

Image: Style Me Pretty

Don’t pay any attention to the branded Vitamin Water, which has about as much sugar as cola, infuse your drink with vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and herbs. Smoosh the berries to add a little bit of the sweetness from the fruit into the liquid. Fancy-ass combinations include blackberry and sage, watermelon and rosemary, strawberry and mint, and mango and basil. Get more ideas here.

Ginger, Turmeric & Honey Tea – Green Kitchen Stories

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

This recipe is from one of my absolute favourite websites, Green Kitchen Stories. The recipe is for a ginger, turmeric and honey bomb, which can be stirred through some boiling water for a delicious tea-like drink. Perfect for winter. Read the recipe here.

Sparkling Water

Image: The Novice Chef

Sometimes all you need is a little fizz. Ice cold sparkling water hits the spot for some, however the carbonation, with a lack of sweetness can sometimes be off-putting. Similar to the above picture, fruits and herbs can be used to enhance the flavour, and if you use frozen fruits, it will double as ice cubes.

Homemade Iced Green Tea – The Kitchn

Image: The Kitchn

The perfect summer drink, this iced green tea combines the flavours of honey, ginger and lemon. You’ve got your added sweetness from the honey, plus the zing from ginger and tang from citrus. It can easily be bottled and carried around while you’re out, or make up a large jug if you’re having guests around and want to make sure they remain hydrated. Read the recipe here.

What are you favourite water-enhancing recipes?