Delivery Hero


Alright, uni exams have rolled around again and I’ve become a hermit: hanging out in grungy clothes while I hunch over a computer for 12+ hours each day. My boyfriend and I study the same degree, so he is often at my place as well, in a similar grungy-hermit-hunch. Romantic.

Obviously, the last thing I want to do is get up and go shopping for food, prepare meals or go out for dinner. So what’s left? Takeaway still involves getting changed…so, yeah, no. It’s best that as little people as possible see me in my study state.

Fear not fellow students, I have a solution for you. It comes in the form of a miracle-making website called Delivery Hero. Like it’s name, it involves a bunch of heroes that deliver food to you.


So, what you do, is you type in your suburb, and the website will generate a list of nearby restaurants that will deliver food right to your door. Yep, you heard correctly.

I wasn’t really aware of the variety of cuisines around my area, but it’s wonderful seeing so many options on my computer screen, all of which I can access without having to get out of my track pants. As a half-asian not living with my parents anymore, I adore asian food, and being a Friday night, this is what I want to order.

We ordered a number of delicious dishes from a restaurant called Mr Wongs. After receiving a text message confirmation informing us that our order would be over in about 45mins, within half an hour, a lovely man was knocking at my front door, bags of food in hand. Hello! We ordered a package deal, which included fried rice, pork in plum sauce, spring rolls, fried wontons and chicken with ginger and shallots. All dishes were piping hot, and great portions. In fact, I shared it among two of my other housemates, both experiencing the pressure of uni as well. It was great just to order food, pay for it online and have it delivered straight to your door in no time – no cooking, no cleaning. Magical!


So basically, to summarise my night, I ate myself into a food coma surrounded by laptops and textbooks. I recommend getting on to Delivery Hero whenever you feel hunger hit; you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy a delicious meal!