Brisbane Eats: Mons Thai

It’s been ten years since Mons Ban Sabai Thai pitched it’s tent in Camp Hill, and now it’s a permanent palace of orgasmic ethnic food, tantalising taste buds 7 nights a week. Rebranded this year to Mons Thai, last week saw the launch of a new and improved menu that’s well worth checking out.If you love Thai food – and let’s be honest; who doesn’t? – then you’ll absolutely adore this suburban favourite. There are a number of Thai takeaway options in the CBD, however, if you usually treat yourself to bland curries or flavourless noodles, you’ll be blown away by the variety and the quality of Mons Thai’s dishes.

(Excuse the photos; they’re from my iPhone, as my camera conveniently died right before the food came out)


Steamed Dim Sims

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to sample some of these said dishes on Monday evening, and ugh, I’m already making plans to go back ASAP. Favourite plates of the night included the island duck curry, steamed chicken dim sims, rich and warming Gaeng massaman curry, fresh calamari salad, steamed red curry, Ko Phangan barramundi and black sticky rice. Ahhhhhhh.

The island duck curry was served in a hollowed out pineapple, with lychees and pineapple chunks, all covered in a rich, slighty sweet sauce. Now if fruit + savoury food freaks you out a little, calm yourself, because I’m not the biggest fan either. However, this curry, blew my mind, man. Lychees and pineapple and duck in a curry? It works. It works really well. You should DEFINITELY order it when you go, you will not be disappointed. In fact it will exceed your expectations, and makes for a fantastic instagram photo, because you’re eating it out of a pineapple. How fancy! How tropical!


Calamari Salad

The calamari salad was teamed with fresh vegetables and herbs and a superbly sour dressing. If you’ve just inhaled many plates of curry, it’s such a great option for cutting through the richness of your previous dishes. The calamari was cooked perfectly; nice and tender, and all the crunch and zing of the vegetable components made for a great side. In fact, if you teamed it with a little bit of rice, it would make a perfect, light lunch.

You can’t actually go wrong ordering massaman curry, and Mons Thai do everything right. Massaman can be a little iffy sometimes; with some restaurants, you find yourself consuming mouthful after mouthful of potatoes, as you try and dig around for any meat. Not here though. Unbelievably rich and flavoursome, it’s meat to potato ratio is fantastic! I’m dreaming of Mons Thai massaman right now. Mmm.


Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream and Warm Palm Sugar

My dessert of choice was the black sticky rice, hands down. If you’ve never tried this exotic dish before, you’re really missing out. Served with coconut cream and warm palm sugar, it’s not overpoweringly sweet, but hits the spot perfectly. This dessert will finish up your Mons Thai experience with a bang; be sure to order and extra serve to bring home, because you’ll be craving it later.

The new menu exceeded my expectations by far, and while I thought I’d experienced some good Thai food here in Brisbane, nothing has compared so far to Mons Thai. I recommend you check it out as soon as you can; feel free to invite me along as well.

Mons Thai 12 Martha St, Camp Hill
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