Asian-style Roast Chicken


Chicken is so tasty and versatile; and roast chicken is definitely the ultimate comfort food, especially on a cold day. You can add a variety of different marinades or rubs, throw it in the oven for an hour or so while you relax and you’re rewarded with fragrant, melt in your mouth meat.

It’s pretty difficult to screw up a roast, and if you have a basic selection of herbs, spices and vegetables, you’re good to go. This is recipe for an Asian-style marinade, using aromatic garlic, ginger and chilli for flavour. You can serve your chicken whole, with steamed Asian greens or rice, or pull the meat off the bone and use it in wraps, rice paper rolls or soups. There’s an endless list of dishes you can create from a simple roast chicken.

Stock is a staple in the kitchen, and again, you can use it for a variety of meals. If you’ve previously roasted a chicken, using the carcass for your broth means you can utilize the whole bird. Sustainable, economical eating!



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