Study Sesh Saviour: Menulog

Confirmation text message from my ol' mate Menulog

So university exam block has just begun, and most of us are trapped in the house, wearing the same track pants for days on end, hunched over expensive textbooks and drinking coffee.

The last thing you want to do, is get up and go grocery shopping, or waste time preparing meals. Similarly, with takeaway, the idea of putting on acceptable clothing, driving to the shop and standing there for 20 minutes waiting for some delicious food just makes you feel lazy, and sleepy.

This is an accurate description of my life right now.

Luckily, I came across a solution a couple of days ago: Menulog.

With a reputation of being the number one website for online takeaway, all you need to do is type in your suburb and the website generates a list of nearby restaurants that will deliver food to your door. Yes, deliver.

Aw yeah food spread

I’ve often found it hard to order takeaway, as the options around my area are limited to McDonalds and KFC, however Menulog listed a variety of restaurants from Indian and Thai, to Chinese and Italian.

I adore Chinese food, however, when ordering out, it can be impossible to find a place with decent quality dishes. I’m not a fan of bright red sweet and sour sauce, or slimy meat portions in a grey sauce…no thanks. There’s a great Chinese Takeaway shop near my place called Sun Fay Chinese Restaurant, where the food is full of vegetables, fresh and tasty, and turns out, you can order off their menu through Menulog! Aw sheeeitt.

We ordered blackbean beef, sweet and sour pork and a special fried rice. Classic study food amirite. Yum. The order was processed and confirmed at around 5:30pm, and within 30 minutes, a friendly Asian man was knocking at my door with bags full of freaking awesome food.

As I’ve said before, bright red, fake looking sweet and sour sauce puts me off; my mother is Asian so my tastebuds are well aware of the flavour its supposed to be. Well, Sun Fay Chinese Restaurant, you have my stamp of approval. The blackbean beef was by far my favourite dish however; a decent sized portion, heaps of meat and vegetables in a rich sauce. It paired well with the special fried rice, which contained slivers of pork and prawns throughout.



To summarise, I ate myself into a food coma with my boyfriend, and then studied myself into a real coma. Get online to Menulog and start ordering up.

Post sponsored by Menulog