Pumpkin Teacake


It’s time to get you excited about pumpkin. Why? Because it’s a lumpy, orange ball of nutrition that’s versatile as shit and you should celebrate it.

Your grandma may have roasted it, or whizzed it into soup, but believe me, you’ve been kept in the dark about the potential this vegetable has. There’s no denying the weather is taking a turn for the worst of late; it’s time to flick the switch on your heater, bring out the fluffy socks and shovel down comfort food. I can help you there. Come closer.


Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, a great source of fibre, high in protein and plant-based fatty acids, aids the immune system and regulates cholesterol levels. There are carotids, magnesium, potassium and zinc in there too. I can feel your affection for this member of the cucurbita family growing. Good.

Pumpkin tastes delicious in a variety of savoury meals, but you can utilise it well in sweet dishes also. Take cake for example. You need to get pumpkin teacake in and around your mouth. Sweet and cinnamon-y, it’s like a warm and comforting bear hug, for your tongue, and I’m confident that when you have your first taste, you’ll have greater respect for the vegetable. We’re all sick of those obnoxious health food addicts who won’t shut the fuck up about green, wrinkly leaves like kale. Kale is an arsehole. Eat pumpkin.

Get the recipe here.