The List: October

What am I doing this month?


1. I’m eating at Billy Kart Kitchen, Annerly
Celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue from Surfing the Menu, and his wife Dee opened a fresh new cafe in suburbia. They’re serving up Campos coffee, homemade sweet treats and a menu inspired by the seasons, all while keeping the classic corner store tradition alive: locals can stop by and pick up fresh bread, the newspaper and a bottle of milk.

2. I’m listening to Jasmine, by Jai Paul

Jai Paul is a British singer and songwriter from Rayners Lane in the UK. His music is distorted, digitally oriented and just generally awesome

3. I’m wearing Triangl Swimwear
Instead of returning some money she owed me, my sister went out and bought me a pair of neoprene Triangl bikinis. She knows me all too well.

4. I’m reading It’s Kind of a Funny Story, by Ned Vizzini
I bought this book a while back, but then got swamped in an influx of uni work and never got around to reading it in full. So I’m attempting it again this month. Ned Vizzini is an American author and writes a story inspired by his own brief hospitalization for depression.

5. I want Birkenstocks

Photo credit: Sarah Strand

A German brand of sandals and shoes known for their cork and rubber footbeds that somewhat conform to the wearers feet. They’re  trendy and stylish and I love them and don’t judge me.

6. I’m enjoying Oasis Juice and Smoothies, Queen St Mall

Photo credit:

Located in the heart of the mall, Oasis tends to get overlooked, and the competitor, Boost, is often preferred. Stop. Put down your lime green, recyclable  cup, go to Oasis and enjoy what they have on offer. You won’t look back.

7. I’m eating Kinkawooka mussels, Bavarian Bier Cafe
Brisbane Oktoberfest is on, if you’re not heading to the showgrounds, partake in the festivities by going to the Bavarian Bier Cafe on Eagle St Pier. The 1kg pot of mussels in a spicy tomato broth is fantastic.

8. I’m browsing My New Roots
A picturesque food blog by Sarah Britton, My New Roots captures her kitchen adventures with recipes focused on plant-based eating. If you’re not much of a vege eater, head over to her site and you soon will be.

9. I’m drinking Blackstar cold press iced coffee

Photo credit: Delicious Moments Blog

Served at their West End cafe or the Davies Park Markets on a Saturday morning, Blackstar’s cold press is wonderfully creamy, cold and delicious. Their range includes Full Creamy, Soy Deluxe and Total Black.

10. I’m keeping active by riding my Reid bicycle

Photo credit: Reid Cycles

I live fairly close to the city and right near Brisbane River, so bike riding is the way to go. My housemate and I both own vintage ladies 6 speed bikes and we cruise up and down the riverside when the weather suits.