Brisbane Eats: Spaghettihouse

Photo credit: West End Magazine

If anyone asks me to suggest a place for dinner my mind jumps straight to South Brisbane.

If you’ve ever shimmied through Southbank or West End you’ll notice the atmosphere is much more relaxed than the inner city; people are happier and more laid back and everyone is eating, drinking or immersing themselves in some cool, cultured activity. It is these aspects that make me thoroughly enjoy all of my time spent in the south side of town.

I have a huge love for Italian food. Probably about equal to my love of shoes, not as great as my love for my cat. That’s how I should rate things from now on, actually. On a scale of zero to Bean.


A couple of weeks ago I tried Spaghettihouse in West End. As another restaurant that was highly recommended to me by quite a few friends, I was more than eager to try it out for myself. Just a note – definitely make a reservation before you dine. It was by luck that my boyfriend and myself scored a table on a busy Saturday night.

At our table we were welcomed by complimentary bread sticks and olives. Seriously, the way to a girls heart is through free marinated olives; keep that in mind fellas. Spaghettihouse have a lengthy food and beverage menu, with an extensive selection of all your favourites. Pizza, pasta and risotto are usually the meals of choice when you dine Italian style, however there are a number of mains that don’t fall into any of these categories, if you’re not feeling particularly cliche.

We started off with Bruschetta con Pesto e mozzarella, which was absolutely delicious. Crispy ciabatta with freshly made pesto and soft mozzarella… ugh, it was mouthwateringly tasty.


I am relatively boring; as in I almost always choose pasta. I feel there is barely anything more satisfying than a bowl full of carbohydrates covered in a rich, delicious sauce. I chose the Pesce Marinara; a dish of prawns, scampi, calamari, mussels, clams, salmon with a tomato sauce. My boyfriend (who had been talking about eating schnitzel all afternoon) went for the Pollo alla Parmigiana.

The quality of the food was absolutely fantastic. I’ve tried pasta marinara many a time, but nothing compares to the dish served to me at the Spaghettihouse. The pasta was al dente, the sauce was full of flavour and it was nice to actually see a large presence of seafood. The parmigiana was of equal quality. You’re probably thinking: how much more fancy can a crumbed chicken breast be? The answer my friend is mighty fancy.

While the service was prompt, I did notice there was a great language barrier between us and the staff. Almost everyone was heavily accented (which added to the authenticity of the place!) however, after receiving the wrong drinks twice and having to say ‘pardon’ about four times to the waiter while ordering, I felt quite rude having to slowly repeat my orders over and over again.


The price of the food at Spaghettihouse is not what I would label cheap, but well worth the money. It’s a perfect place for a date when you’ve just received a large sum of tax money back (and are feeling particularly generous towards your partner). I thoroughly enjoyed our meal and in and among the heart of West End, all in all, it was definitely a great night out.

Spaghettihouse Shop B, 120 Boundary St, West End
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