Chia Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Avocado Frosting


Sorry for the long title!

Yesterday was my mum’s birthday so I decided to skip my uni lectures (not that I really needed a reason) and go home to give her her present and bake cake.

I thought it would be quite difficult to make cake that was both healthy and delicious. Usually those two words aren’t in the same sentence. My sister and mother eat very healthy, so I wanted to bake something that wouldn’t compromise their clean eating lifestyles. I used the chia chocolate cake recipe from a great blog called Tania’s Pantry and it worked out perfectly.

You can’t really have chocolate birthday cake without frosting, so I had a go at avocado frosting. I’ve heard a lot about using avocados for sweet foods, but I usually eat it before I can whiz it up with chocolate or anything. Plus, avocados cost a bloody kidney at the moment. But today is a special occasion, so I brought out the big bucks, bit my tongue and bought one.

I doubled both recipes to make a layered cake with frosting in between.

Chia Chocolate Cake
Serves 8-10

4 tbsp chia seeds, soaked in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes.
½ cocoa powder
1/2 cup coconut oil
5 medium eggs
1 cup almond meal
3/4 cup honey
pinch of salt
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp bicarb soda

Preheat your oven to 180°C and line a spring form cake tin with baking paper. Soak chia seeds in 1 cup of water, stirring often until seeds have absorbed all the water and have formed a gel. Place all ingredients into a bowl, and whisk to remove lumps. Pour into your cake tin and bake in the over for approximately 30minutes or until the cake bounces back when pressed in the centre. Remove to a wire cooling rack and let the cake cool for 5-10minutes in the tin before popping it out.

Chocolate Avocado Frosting
Makes approx. 1 cup

1 large avocado
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3 tbsp dark chocolate chips

Melt dark chocolate chips in the microwave until silky and smooth. Combine all three ingredients in a blender or food processor and whiz until smooth. If the icing is not sweet enough, add honey or stevia (or more choc chips!) and if you’d prefer it a bit smoother, add in 1/2 tbsp of water at a time and stir.


Wait until the cake is completely cooled before icing. I topped mine with sliced strawberries, but feel free to throw on any berries or nuts if you please! Dust with some icing sugar before serving to make it look pretty.

Happy Birthday Mum!