Brisbane Eats: Pablo

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If you happened to be unlucky enough to be travelling to Brisbane airport last Sunday, you would have noticed that the Gateway Bridge saw host to the annual Bridge to Brisbane event with thousands of determined runners pounding the pavement all the way to the city. I’m openly going to state right now that I hate running (with the burning passion of a thousand suns) so I slept through the whole event without a care in the world. I’m pretty sure I dreamt about baking and my cat, Bean.

The 10km run was completed easily by my housemate and sister and as I groggily woke up, they were coming home sweaty, tired but triumphant.

H and I decided we would head out for breakfast afterward (as did every other B2B participant apparently) and decided to try Pablo in Newfarm after hearing rave reviews from all of my breakfast-loving friends.

Photo credit: Pablo Facebook

Firstly, the service was both friendly and prompt. The cafe was busy (filled with those sporting their B2B shirts and tight lycra pants) however we were seated quickly and asked if we’d like drinks. I went for good ol’ iced latte, however their beverage options are quite unique compared to other venues. Burnt marshmallow milkshake? Shut up and take my money!


Similarly, their breakfast options are diverse, some stand outs being dukkha roast potatoes and breakfast trifle, but H and I chose the smashed peas and confit of portabella mushrooms baked with a feta and herb crumble. Both meals were absolutely delicious – it is obvious to me why people so often recommend Pablo for a memorable breakfast.

I’m no 12 year old; I have the stomach capacity of a bear. Feed me more than two mouthfuls of food please and thanks. Pablo agree. The mushroom was about the size of my face, and the smashed peas were heaped up to form a miniature mountain on my sourdough. It’s good to know the culinary folk at Pablo sure do believe in hefty portion sizes – and good on them. Don’t you just want to stand up in your seat and start a slow clap when you see meals of this size and you’ve paid the bare minimum for them? I do.


If you’re keen for a great breakfast experience, head on over to Newfarm and check out Pablo. The ratings and reviews speak for themselves: the cafe is an excellent spot for some food and drink on the cheap.

Pablo 893 Brunswick St, Newfarm
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