Brisbane Eats: The Single Guys Coffee Co.

There are endless options when you decide to dine out in the city. Cafes, restaurants, coffee shops all over the place, even mobile vans selling the most interesting of concoctions in an attempt to grab your attention and your tastebuds. On any fine morning, especially a weekend, every Tom and Harry are out for a feast, sometimes it’s nice to venture just beyond the city for something that can rival the best of coffee houses in the centre of town.

Photo credit: Bean Brewding

This morning J and I headed to The Single Guys Coffee Co. in Kenmore after I read a review on the place by Bean Brewding. The blog awarded it 8.5 beans out of 10 – a good enough reason to try it out myself – not that I need a reason to have coffee and food. Now, I’m definitely no coffee expert, but I read up on blogs from a lot of people that are and this cafe seems to have an excellent reputation. It’s also refreshing to be outside the city; and it seems many people agree.

Represented by a stag head, The Single Guys is located along side a roundabout in a space that used to be a real estate. The interior and exterior of the cafe is relatively plain, however this is the beauty of TSG; clean and classy. We ordered mugs of coffee and I was pleasantly surprised to see the cappuccino had grated chocolate on top rather than your usual powder. Now my favourite part of a cappuccino is eating the chocolate-covered froth, so this little change was delicious.

Photo credit: Refinery Magazine

It was about 11am at this stage and we decided to order bacon and eggs on a toasted brioche bun and bacon, capsicum, avocado and haloumi on turkish bread. Both meals were great and well priced and service was excellent. I find that many places I dine in the staff are excellent, however I found that waiters went above and beyond to make sure even those waiting for takeaway coffees were comfortable.

TSG is an excellent addition to the western suburbs of Brisbane who seemed to lack many great coffee shops. The menu is simple, though contains enough options to satisfy your breakfast or brunch hunger and the coffee tasted wonderful. The atmosphere is very lighthearted and the decor definitely reflects that. If you’re around the area, or would prefer to dine on the outskirts of the city, give The Single Guys a go!

Photo credit: The Urban List

Sadly The Single Guys Coffee Co. doesn’t actually reflect the relationship status of the boys, instead it refers to the single origin of the coffee beans.

The Single Guys Coffee Co. 2/2051 Moggil Rd, Kenmore
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