Brisbane Eats: Moose and Gibson


What are you doing on this fine Saturday? Brisbane weather has been all over the place lately; freezing cold some mornings, warm and pleasant the next. It is mornings like these that make you feel bad for sleeping in because the weather is perfect and begs for you to enjoy it. Getting out of bed early is an activity on my To Do list. My sister wakes up so early to go to the gym sometimes, it is barely even bright yet. As much as I wish I could wake up early to exercise like my sister does every morning, I usually only wake up early for coffee. Coffee and eggs. Last night she stayed at my place and I was woken up at some ungodly hour to her shuffling around putting on running shoes and gym shorts and all that. I rolled out of bed a couple of hours later to her saying ‘I’m hungry’.

Moose & Gibson is a relatively new cafe that opened in Woolloongabba and until now I am yet to experience. Upon arrival, you are greeted with an industrial-looking interior, with concrete floors, wooden benches, a vertical pot plant garden and twisted copper piping along the walls.


Currently serving their all day breakfast menu from 6am-2pm everyday, my sister and I selected the Quark Eggs ($16.90) and Baked Potted Eggs ($15.90). After some quick googling, we discovered quark is a type of cheese made by warming soured milk until a set degree of denaturation of milk is met then strained. Don’t let that deter you however, because the Quark Eggs were absolutely delicious. Presented similar to your classic eggs benedict, beginning with a base of bread and poached eggs, the dish is topped with the mouth-watering cheese sauce, asparagus and wilted spinach. So incredibly flavorsome is how I would describe it – and eggs benedict is one of my all time favorite breakfast options.

Pseudo-spring mornings call for smoothies. We tried the berry, coconut and honey and pear and vanilla: unique flavours compared to the everyday choices you have at many cafes and they certainly delivered. If you’re not much of a smoothie-drinker however, M&G serve coffee by Two Seasons.


At the moment, M&G are the perfect venue for a morning meal or brunch; open from 6am-2pm on weekdays and 6.30am-2pm on weekends. However, they do plan on expanding and are currently working on a lunch menu as well as their liquor license so you can have a not-so-sneaky beverage with your meal.

Overall, my sister and I enjoyed the experience. The staff are friendly, the menu is simple yet incredibly tasty and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Moose and Gibson 77 Jurgens St, Woollongabba
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