Brisbane Eats: DannyBoys


I can honestly say that a good part of my time awake is spent hungry. Hungry or tired. Sometimes both. When I’m just hungry, I eat, then I become tired, so I sleep. Then I wake up and I’m hungry. It’s just a continual cycle of hungry-tired.

This morning was no different: I woke up in a daze, probably out of sheer hunger. Uni exams are officially over for me now, so there is no way I’m going back to campus during the next 3 weeks without a good reason. That good reason is DannyBoys Sandwich Bar.

I’ve heard rave reviews about this place from a lot of people, all of whom can’t stop talking about the quality of their food – but I mean, a sandwich is a sandwich right? Wrong. The boring sandwich you’re thinking of consists of some run of the mill ham, measly yellowing lettuce, sad looking tomato and lashings of pure white (suspiciously fake-looking) mayonnaise in between two limp slices of white bread. DannyBoys sandwiches are deliciously-crafted pieces of freaking art.


Located in Kelvin Grove’s Urban Village, just down from the university, the shop looks homely and inviting and the smell of baking bread wraps around you and drags you inside by your nostrils. As a first time diner, the friendly staff gave me a bit of a run down about what the sandwich bar is all about: good quality, freshly made food. It’s a preservative free zone right there: the bread, all the sauces and the absolutely fantastic soups are made in house daily.

My boyfriend and I ordered The Roast signature sandwich, the KJ Club gourmet sandwich and a cup of broccoli and cheddar soup. Alright, for you broccoli haters out there who wouldn’t give this soup a second glance…shame on you. This was the downright best tasting soup I’ve ever had (aside from all the soups you make Mum, love you), so much so that we went back for a second helping.



The Roast sandwich is jam packed with prime roast beef, tasty cheddar cheese, sliced tomato, red onion, pickles, mayonnaise and dijon mustard. If eating pickles on fast food burgers has ruined the experience for you, I urge you to come to DannyBoys and have your faith in pickles reignited by this incredible sandwich.

Catering for all different diets (vegetarians, coeliacs or dedicated bacon-lovers), their menu also includes the nutritional information for their soups and bread. My boyfriend has the stomach capacity of a baby lion, so he ordered the long sandwich…then we found out it contained 19.4g of protein, minus fillings. Let’s just say we’re eating the second half of his sandwich as I type this post.


Dannyboys incorporates everything I love about Brisbane dining: a heavy focus on high-quality ingredients, affordable prices and friendly staff. Basically, they meet the expectations everybody so eagerly seeks, which can sometimes be a rarity in this fast paced society we live in. Food often heads towards being affordable and quick and somewhere along that pathway, quality is lost. Just a quick downhill jog from the university will reward your tastebuds with absolutely delicious food. Open Monday to Saturday, if you’re keen for a memorable sandwich or soup made with love, head over to DannyBoys. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.


DannyBoys Shop 3, 88 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove
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