Mum’s Homestyle Chicken


Packet soup is a frequently appearing snack in my cupboard, mostly because I’m far too lazy to sit around stirring a pot of stock and vegetables for an hour or so. This one time, Cup-a-Soup had a competition: collect 5 barcodes off the boxes, send them in and win a personalised mug. I ate a lot of soup over that time, just for the barcodes.

I’m at my parent’s house again today for a visit and my mother showed me how to create an old favourite of mine using the powder of tomato soup in a recipe that surprisingly was not soup.

Mum’s Homestyle Chicken
Serves 5

2 packets powdered tomato soup
2 tbsp SR flour
1/2 tbsp dried Italian herbs
1 tsp paprika
Pinch of cinnamon or mixed spice
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil
5 chicken marylands

Preheat oven to 170°C (fan forced – 190°C conventional). In a plastic bag throw in the powdered tomato soup, flour, Italian herbs, paprika, cinnamon, salt and pepper. Place chicken marylands in bag, seal up and coat with mix gently. Place chicken on a baking paper lined oven tray and drizzle lightly with olive oil. Take any of the mix left over from the bag and sprinkle on top, patting down. Place in the oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on size of the marylands), making sure to turn in the last 10 minutes of cooking. Serve with salad, creamy pasta, steamed vegetables…. anything you fancy.


This recipe is so simple to prepare – you can place it in the oven and continue on with what you’re doing until it’s ready. You don’t have to use chicken marylands for this recipe. You could substitute with 12 small drumsticks or tenderloins – just remember with these smaller portions (and because tenderloins have no bones) it will take less time to cook in the oven, so keep an eye on it.
This homestyle chicken is great the next day cold as well. You can cut it up and throw it on a sandwich or in a salad or just eat it as is.

Oh, and with the Cup-a-soup story, I got my personalised mug eventually, it says ‘Dandy Andy’. Here’s a terrible photo of me: