Brisbane Eats: Sourced Grocer

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Around this time of year university is not the greatest place to be. If you walk around campus, you’ll see puffy eyed students, carrying laptops and textbooks and sporting ruffled hair from lack of sleep. When you talk to anyone, they grumble back, and when you try and organise a coffee catch up or something even remotely social, they laugh…nobody got time for that.

It’s one week out from exams – study week.

I was ever so lucky today to catch up with one of my best friends. It had been way too long, since both of us were completely preoccupied with all things uni related, but we managed to find a couple of hours on this overcast Saturday to squeeze in a date.

Brunch is one of my favourite meals of the day – not that I can really play favourites (in fact I’m pretty sure I said breakfast was my favourite meal of the day in my last review post). If there’s an opportunity to eat, I always will. Brunch, however, means eggs or hamburgers, coffees or cocktails, dressing up or dressing casual. It’s perfect – you can do what you like.

Photo credit: ‘On the Menu’

Today we decided we’d revisit a favourite: Sourced Grocer.

Now, if you’ve never been before, you’re really missing out. Not only is Sourced Grocer the place for cheap eats and great beverages, but they’ve got a small organic market conjoined with the cafe so you can eat and purchase some fancy groceries all in the one place.

I’ve had some excellent meals at SG, from their smoked salmon on sourdough to smashed avocados. They have such a broad range of options on the menu depending on how hungry you are. Smashed avocados sounds so simple, but it really is fantastic. One of their most popular menu options I’m told. SG serve your regular range of coffee but also include some fancier beverage choices: milkshakes (in impressive flavours like lemon meringue, fresh strawberry and vanilla bean), green juice (with coconut water, citrus and greens) and inventive frappes (rockmelon and mint).

I’ve noticed that on weekends, quite a few Brisbane cafes have early closures – something I wish didn’t happen. There’s nothing better than stepping out on a Saturday at whatever time you wake up and being able to enjoy a wide selection of great quality foods at your local cafe. Sourced Grocer is open till 5pm on a Saturday and later on weekdays, so whenever you’re feeling peckish just pop on in.

Photo credit: ‘Small Town Chutney’

Sourced Grocer 11 Florence St, Newstead
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