When I think spring, imagery of that fairy tale princess being sung to by chirping birds and excited deer comes to mind. People love it, because it’s the season of relatively decent weather and flowers and breezes and baby animals…everything everybody secretly adores.

In a late celebration of Jordan’s birthday, we had dinner at Spring last night.

The food reflects the name; it’s fresh and light with warm, hearty meals speckled in between menu options like open vegetable lasagne and light salads, and perfect for social lunches or casual dinners. Spring is a relatively new restaurant in Brisbane’s small but fruitful culinary circle, however seems to have decent reputation already. Made up of three parts, you can grab take away coffees and eat small breakfasts in the bistro, have your dinner in the restaurant, or learn how to put ingredients together to make something edible (and hopefully delicious) in the cooking school. Maybe I’m one of those closet spring-loving fans, but I found that the way the place was set up oozed appeal and only encouraged me to dine there more.

I’d recommend it, if you have money and you like wine, wooden decor and enjoy a decent serve of good food.



Spring, 26 Felix St, Brisbane (Cnr Felix and Mary St)