My housemate is an avid sushi lover. Anything wrapped with seaweed or with a piece of blow-torched fish flung on top she’s tried, tasted and loves.

Sushi Kotobuki is located on Lytton Road, East Brisbane.

For students, with only enough cash for the cheapest of meals, Kotobuki is well priced, delicious and hardly ever disappoints. We tend to fall into the same routine each time we go there: edamame, California roll, salmon and avocado, gyoza…everything is $3 or $4 so we’re usually crawling out the door stuffed, for around $20.

In my opinion, what makes a meal just that little bit more satisfying, is paying shit all for it, and so for those that enjoy a healthy dose of good Japanese food for the change you can find behind your car seat…Kotobuki is the way to go.